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About Us

We are a young dynamic team with maximun of 9 years of experience working in tourism. From our own experience, we understand what the main points of interest are and what one needs to feel safe and calm away from home. Apart from showing you our country's natural and historical wonders we also want to show you the vitality of our culture and its heritage, so full of mystery and tradition.

Our Aims

• Publicize Mongolia to the world
• Promote the country as a new popular tourist destination
• Foster and promote low-impact eco-tourism in Mongolia
• Improve living standards of local communities in the touring areas
• Provide a one-stop shop for overseas clients

Our Philosophy

Inspire Global Extension is primarily concerned with inbound tourism to the Gobi Desert, Central and Northern Mongolia. To facilitate this business and to meet our objectives, strong emphasis is placed on:
• Flexibility and adaptability in meeting the special needs of clients
• Provision of the highest possible level of personalized service to travelers
• Maximizing the use of modern communications technology
• Responding promptly and efficiently to clients’ requests
• Giving a good value for the money spent by the travelers

Our Focus

The company has developed of an intimate knowledge of the Mongolia tourist industry and a very strong local identity. These accomplishments allow Inspire Global Extension to:
• Establish close and harmonious relationships with our local service providers
• Maximize our market penetration, and
• Allow the provision of timely, effective and efficient service to our traveling guests.

Our Products

At Inspire Global Extension, we believe the key to our success is flexibility which, in turn, allows us to respond to the needs of each individual tourist. Whilst meeting the market demands for competitively priced packaged tours, Inspire Global Extension offers a diverse range of programs, and all can be adapted to meet the particular demands of clients. These products are presented in such a way that travelers may design their own tours to suit their own unique and particular needs. Inspire Global Extension has special programs to cater for a variety of interests and situations including
• Adventure Tours
• Cultural Tours
• Sightseeing
• Festivals and Cultural Events
• Scientific Research Programs
• Executive "Getaways"