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Educational & Technical Training

Mission & Vision

Our Mission:
Improving lives quality and protecting places through e-Tourism

※e-ツアー: Webサービスにより予約・情報提供・情報共有を提供するツアー形態

Our Vision:
Global organization that aims to spread the discipline of e-tourism world wide in collaboration with the most prestigious through our work, governments, companies, NGOs and local communities can unite and use tourism to achieve the right balance between economic development, green growth, and protection of their natural and cultural assets.


Our Belief:
Travel and tourism is able to create economic opportunity to people and happiness


Our Strategy:
A strategic approach to designing e-tourism systems for destinations. We offer a unique combination of tourism strategic expertise and web-based applications and work with destinations to deliver e-tourism solutions that fulfil a clearly defined strategy for inbound and outbound.


What we do? Our objective is to make the destination more competitive while respecting the principles of destination sustainability of inbound and outbound.


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Inspire Global Extension有限会社は観光業及び国内外貿易、経営、情報通信技術サポート並びに翻訳業務に創業当初(2008年)から取り組み、これまで高い業績を上げてきました。
Inspire Global Extension有限会社の書類を添付。

 title= 技能実習生のための日本語みどり 2-1 [PDF]
技能実習生のための日本語みどり 2-2 [PDF]
技能実習生のための日本語みどり 11-3 [PDF]
技能実習生のための日本語みどり 17-1 [PDF]
技能実習生のための日本語みどり 7-1 [PDF]
技能実習生のための日本語みどり 7-2 [PDF]
技能実習生のための日本語みどり 7-3 [PDF]

Company Profile

The Inspire Global Extension (IGE) LLC is a professional tourism company which is established in 2008. It has over 9 years of experience in providing international tours recreation inbound type is tourism.

Strategically, the web site www.ige.land of this company is constantly developed and updated in both sides of content and technology. The professional tourism service is provided by us to clients as a tool in using this web site which is our company's view in the digital era for marketing. At the result, it would be a web based destination management system is created.
Since 2013, we have strongly focused on the outbound types of tourism business extending projects, such as recruiting Mongolian youngest talented students to Taiwan, South Korea, UK, USA and Australia. http://www.languagelink.co.uk
From this year, 2016 we are beginning to cooperate in sharing as a sending organization to prepare and recruit the young workers of Mongolians to Japan by the Technical Training Program (TITP). TITP is program for accepting young workers from various foreign countries into Japanese industry, and for acquiring skills, etc., in organization implementing technical intern training during a fixed length stay.

Keeping our business eyes on goal for that Mongolia has been trying to strengthen its ties with Japan, which it regards as its “third neighbor”. So we shall faithfully complete the technical intern training, and you are able to expect in the future to become as a business sharing person who makes applying of experiences in Japan with a team of my company.